The Essential State Of Self-Appreciation

This profound *state-of-being* called 'Self-Appreciation' is something most all people miss.
It's one of the key essential state of enlightenment - freedom from needless suffering.
(in fact, there's NEVER a need to suffer)
Self-Appreciation is when you've come to quorum with who you are.
You manage your expectations well, you feel great about you (and in fact, you love and adore you and would gladly introduce *you* to others), you feel there's nothing you need to prove to anyone, you're self-comfortable, you've managed your sense of confidence well (you dont have any 'fake confidence' - you know you could do what you know you could and can effortlessly demonstrate it), and your self-esteem is appropriately high (and not overly estimated).
You are essentially *in integrity* with yourself. That's to say, what you say, what you do, and how you feel are *in alignment*, congruent, and consistent.
December 26, 2019