Pursuing Happiness Is A Mistake

Don't pursue happiness - it is an axiomatic mistake.

BE happy NOW - and pursue your goals.

'BE'ing is to say it is an action (verb) you're doing now.

To BE happy 'only' when you've accomplished your goal is an error in thinking and enslaves you to a lifelong of misery.

'Happy' is something you can be right now simply by choosing - much like you've witnessed others be miserable for no reason at all.

To recognize happiness (and misery) is a choice might be new to you and to truly appreciate it, liberates you (and ONLY until you've appreciated it - since some people will deny it so they can 'be comfortable in their misery!).

Since you've had a lifelong of practice, you may not be able to easily choose your thoughts - which determines your choosing to be happy or miserable - but you sure get better and better at it as you make the ongoing conscious decisions to do so.

There's nothing quite as attractive as someone who is self-satisfied and happy 'on the way in the pursuit of their goals'!
December 26, 2019