We Spoke Independence Into Existence

On July 4th, 1776 a group of men spoke independence into existence. Today is a great day to remember always:

Government's role is to endeavor to protect the independence of the individual.

The notion that people fought and died for the independence of a nation is not to be misunderstood to mean that it was for specifically a niche of people. What our predecessors fought for was the right of AN INDIVIDUAL to pursue their own freedom and happiness. That's what liberty means.

In essence, throughout history, those who fought for the individual's liberty have essentially fought to keep the state (the government) as limited and small as possible.

Most people, especially cultures outside of the USA, want big government to take care of them. Big government means a government that has more control over people's freedom.

Remember always, there is no such thing as free school or free anything that the government "provides". We pay for that in taxes! So when a socialist politician tells you you're going to get free things and the government will take care of you, it's the notion that they *steal* people's money to put this in effect. (Because taking something I don't want to give, that's what stealing is), they just call it taxes.

In the old days, before they implemented anything, say a new sheriff position, they'd have town hall meetings where the people decided whether or not it'd be a good idea. They say it is UNTIL they realize in order for this new thing to happen, they'd have to pay more in taxes, THEN they'd really think about it since they haven't recognized it beforehand.

Nowadays people don't realize this fundamental truth: government is force, it's all it is. There is no haven that is a "government". For you to keep your independence and your pursuit of liberty, government's (state's) control must be small. When you vote for a leftist (socialist) politician like Bernie or Hillary, you're promoting bigger control by government and more infringement on your freedom (which is what our forefathers and predecessors fought and died against)
December 26, 2019



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