No One's Equal To You

Make no mistake, we are not equals. I don't say that because I'm dominant rather because it's the nature of reality. There's a world of difference between "equality of outcome" and "equality of opportunities."

I don't presume to be treated the same as anyone else. I don't presume to deserve the same as anyone else. I don't presume the same pay as anyone else.

Instead, I want (and you want, if you're a reasonable person) equality of opportunity, because I will get what I deserve and I expect you to get what you deserve. If I've got more skills in a particular area, I will definitely deserve more and should deserve more. If you've got more skills in a particular area, I'd want you to deserve more.

I'll make a literal statement: losers want equality of outcome. Winners want equality of opportunity.

I'll be clear: people that have less skills, less value in the marketplace, will demand equality of outcome. They will demand more pay than the value they provide the company. They will demand more sustenance than they work for. They will want free stuff. They are losers. And worse, when they're given equality of outcome, they become even worse losers in society since they are rewarded for their loserdom.

People that are winners demand equal opportunity. We will demand that everyone have the same opportunity to succeed in any endeavor and reap the rewards of their hard work and personally developed skills. We expect that if we excel at something that we deserve the appropriate treatment and compensation.

Next time you ask for something, ask yourself first whether or not you've deserved it. If not, work at deserving it.

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December 26, 2019



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