I Teach You About Forgiveness

I Teach You About *Forgiveness*

Be Very Clear - "Being understanding" *requires* your having understanding in the first place - having 'little understanding' *results in* not being a very understanding person.

In other words - The notion of 'being understanding' takes skill. It takes self-knowledge. It takes social savvy. It takes personal development. And especially, it takes knowing the other person - or at least knowing *about* the other person 'enough' to presume enough information to be able to conclude: I understand.

In essence, you can only communicate that 'you understand' once you've gotten a significant amount of the above - and cannot presume to understand with little of the aforementioned!

With that in mind, I'll teach you something about forgiveness:

When you understand everything, it makes it possible for you to forgive anything.

Reread that and save it in your psychological toolkit and add it to your repertoire. It'll save you years of heartache and unnecessary pain (not the good kind of pain, I'll add)

Mark my words: the *only* reason people cannot forgive others is strictly 'lack of understanding' of others and more importantly - lack of understanding and appreciation of *people*

The more you understand that people are going to be people (with human behaviors, and human inconsistencies, and human errors, and pretty much everything that comes with being human!), the more you'll recognize that they will do human things with the particularly specific-to-the-individual moral, ethical codes and learned behaviors.

Once you appreciate that, you'll never suffer from "requiring for others' punishment", resulting in your never needing for "give up the desire and power to punish" (Old English of forgiveness) in the first place!

In short: An Understanding Person And A Forgiving Person Is The Exact Same Thing.
December 26, 2019