How To Be Whoever You Want

Recreate yourself. You can be whomever you want to be. The beautiful thing about being human is that we're not bound by our human nature and instincts. You can take that script you have that you've been living with for the past 18+ years, rip it up, and start a whole new script - and it'll be a script completely of your making.

You can be whoever you want to be and go wherever you want to go. Don't limit yourself by imagining you're limited.

Because I'm in the adult industry/scene/profession or whatever, I work with friends that are in the high echelons, elite escorts, porn stars or sex workers. Despite their being utterly happy and incredibly successful, they already understand, the majority of society will deem them disrespectable.

They've got *the freedom* of understanding that their reputation is already shot! What a freedom that is, not to require the validation of others to feel validated, actualized, and happy.

On the other hand, we've got those people whom deem themselves as *respectable* and good and moral whilst living their lives out as slaves - slaves to societies expectations, slaves to the expectations of their peers, slaves to their *trappings-of-success* (ie, cars, houses, trophies, things, fame), slaves to their requiring validation from others to feel validated and happy. What a terrible way to live.

Remember always - you *cannot* win the 'game of life' if you play by any other rules than your own. If you play by anyone else's rules, you CANNOT win.

Introspect, analyze, revise, recreate, redefine your moral codes and ethics. Your moral codes are those you're born into, taught to you by your family, community, etc. Ethical codes are those you buy into by the groups/communities/societies you join.

Look at your moral codes and ethical codes, revise them to suit you so you can be self-happy and self-validated, look into role models and see what ethical codes you can apply to your own life, and *discard the rest*

No one has any say on how you can portray your life or feel about yourself other than the power you give them to.

Walk around being a positive force for others and always leave people and things better than when you found them.
December 26, 2019