Everything You Perceive Is Here

*All* that you perceive exists solely within the apparatus inside your head.

In this place, solely, is where you *make up* your problems, you *make up* your circumstances, you *make up* your happiness, you *make up* who you are, you *make up* who you love and who loves you in return for your being 'you'

A low-quality mind, with low-quality communication, with low-quality fluency, with low-quality vocabulary, with low-quality knowledge, with low-quality imagination, with low-quality sight, cannot result in a high-quality existence - it's impossible.

What makes your existence magnificent, what makes your relationships sublime, what makes your vitality vibrate like a beautiful orchestra, what makes your orgasms otherworldly, is made solely possible through a high-quality mindset.

You either create your reality or allow others to create it for you.

And if you're lucky and deserving, I'll invite you into mine.
December 26, 2019



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