Empower Yourself With This Knowledge

Once you empower yourself with the *knowledge* that you, solely, are responsible for yourself, and you appreciate (and own) the consequences of whatever you have authority (and therefore responsibility) over...

...and you appreciate that authority and responsibility are STRICTLY conjoined and can never be severed apart...

...and you appreciate that security is merely a feeling - that there is no such thing as security, only the feeling of security (e.g. there is no amount of "security" that'll prevent inevitable death when you're on a plane and it's colliding into earth at 340mph, or no amount of security, even billions of dollars, that'll prevent Steve Jobs from certain mortality from cancer), and you summise that the only true security you have is your ability to be alive and your skills to encourage people to help if you need it...

...all of it equating to *your being responsible to yourself*... then YOU BECOME FREE.

Once you become free, you may be condemned by others for being free. For choosing to do the things YOU want to do for YOUR OWN reasons, but then again, you recognize this critical piece of knowledge virtually everyone has trouble accepting...

...that to care or give any attention or energy to what people who don't care about you, nor know you, no you'll never admire, to what they think of you, IS LITERALLY INSANE.

So you go on, being you, being happy out of your own choosing, and living YOUR life for your own reasons, and inevitably, you will radiate this happiness, such that I do everyday because I literally don't care what anyone thinks unless I admire them, and your actions will become *obviously accepted*. You will present yourself with confidence with your *self* (SELF-CONFIDENCE), and it will transfer to those around you, and they will trust you, and they will confide in you, and they will be confident in YOU.
December 26, 2019



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