Do NOT Love Everyone

Be aware of who you presume to love. Much in the same way as you are the psycho-socio-economic average of the company you keep, your quality of love is the quality of the people you love.

(Those who "love everyone" - including evil-doers - can't say much about the love they have with people beside them in bed).

While *Love* is pretty much the central theme to my existence, so is *Worthiness*.

The two result in this wondrous synergy of my only having in my life high quality, worthiful and deserving people, and my loving only those persistently and ongoingly deserving of the quality of love I provide.

Here, I make a clear distinction, to those that are immoral, that I want for their getting what they're deserving. I would never, just at the outset, "love thy neighbor" since I don't know my neighbor, just as an example. In other words, I give my love on an individual basis.

Anyone who just presumes to love everybody doesn't say much about their telling you they love you.

This also doesn't mean I'm cynical about people. I actually hope and presume from any individual their good intentions and their strengths given the opportunity. I also presume with the level of communication which I communicate, people rise to expectations and demonstrate their highest attributes with the right person and the proper space.

I give everyone the same opportunity at the outset of my getting to know them of having the same chance of deserving my attention or my disdain, regardless of their looks, gender-identity, or race. It just so happens I find women yummy and most men sadly uninteresting.

Oftentimes, I'm disappointed but those times the few that demonstrate they're good, well-meaning individuals, and sometimes even interesting to me and interested in me, and simultaneously yummy, are the best times!
December 26, 2019