3 Things That'll Help You Communicate Candidly

I'm asked often enough how could I communicate so completely transparently that I don't have anything hidden, no agenda, no secrets to myself.
So, here are some critically important ideas to consider on the idea of communicating, with or without words, transparently, openly, and candidly:
1. This is not to mistake "direct" communication and "transparent and open" communication. Oftentimes people that communicate "directly" can be off-putting and condemning and easily come off as judgmental. You see, you can communicate just about anything where you can put words together so that the other person can GET the message without your needing to "put them down" (merely to bolster you up). Your job isn't to bring people down, it's to empower them since ONLY people with power to begin with can empower others!
2. You give anyone you meet or any of your ongoing relationships the love and respect to GIVE THEM THE OPTION TO CHOOSE FOR THEMSELVES. When you present yourself precisely AS YOU ARE without any hidden agendas or lies or pretending, you empower them the most important choice of all: TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT. They can consider, FOR THEMSELVES, whether who you are is something they can enjoy and be delighted being with. This is great for you! Because pretending to be someone else for a duration of any relationship, sucks!
3. Finally, you can live confidently and comfortably that everyone around you whom you've chose and THEY'VE CHOSEN *YOU*, are just the best kind of people to be around with since they accept you AS YOU ARE.
December 26, 2019



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